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Anonymous asked 2015-04-08

Hi there,
I bought a pair of glasses from you around two months ago, including paying for the most expensive lenses I could (total for the glasses was approximately 350,000 KRW), and while i have taken extremely good care of the glasses, a small crack/imperfection has developed in one of the lenses. I do not believe this should happen and can only assume it was due to manufacturer problem. Is there some kind of warranty that covers these types of problems/issues?
Thank you in advance.
Darshan Grover

1 answer

Dear. Darshan,
First of all, we’re sorry for your problem. Please email me at and let me know the name you used when you purchased and let me know the store you visited to purchase. and it would be perfect if you could attach some photos of your lenses to show our staff. thanks.


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