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Anonymous asked 2016-05-08

Hi recently went into one of your stores when i was in Seoul. Loved a pair of glasses and wanted to see if i could get them online since you don’t have any stores here in Busan. I don’t have the product info and seem not not be able to find on your website where all your products are. Do you have them all listed on your site? If so can I order them. thanks!

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Hi, there, Sorry for my late reply. And thank you for your kind interest in ALO. We’re uploading new product info. in our homepage now. But not all the new models. Because we’re not online store, we selectively upload new product information in our site. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have ALO sotre in Busan area. (we’re planning, but it will take some time) Please check out our recently updated “COLLECTION” menu on top of this homepage. And if you like any model, please email at : youthdrum@storyhenge.com We usually don’t receive order online but if you select any particular model, I’ll check what I can help. Thanks and have a nice day!


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