do you conduct eyesight checks in the shop?

Anonymous asked 2017-10-06

Please advise if the shop able to check on my eyesight on the shop or I must know my own from my own country before visiting the shop.
how long it takes for a pair of spec with both long and short-sighted specs to be ready? 3 days or more?

1 answer

Staff 2017-11-06

Hi Dear, first of all, sorry for late reply. Our server has some problem and now it’s fixed. You can check your eyesight in our stores. We got skilled opticians with proper facilities. Regarding the time, if you’d like to have bi-focal or multi-focal lens, it will take 1 week because we need give direct order to factory. If it’s just single vision lens, it will only take around 1 hour if your eyesight is not exceptionally bad. Thank you.


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